Steffie Padmos
Museums are for everyone


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Why did you make this work:
Museums are for everyone, in reality a lot of people experience a threshold to visit the museum. They feel excluded by the art programmes or even by the fysical building. Inclusion and accessibility are currently important themes in our society. Many museums have a desire to tackle this theme, but lack of knowledge and experience prohibit concrete steps. This animation should start a conversation

How was the illustration used:
The images were used to make an animation video, shown on the website of STUDIO-i, on social media, in presentations at museums, museumfestivals and congresses.

How did you make this work:
STUDIO i - Platform for Inclusive Culture, is an initiative of 2 modern art museums in the Netherlands: Stedelijk Museum of Amsterdam and Van Abbemuseum of Eindhoven. The aim is to generate and promote diversity and accessibility in the Dutch cultural sector. The video was made to inspire, educate and address the museums and employees to start thinking inclusive and change their programme.

Commissioner Name :
Wim Dijksterhuis from Studio Wim
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Studio Wim (
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Steffie Padmos is an illustrator with a Masters degree in Scientific Illustration from the University of Maastricht and a Bachelor degree in Illustration from the Academy of Fine Arts in Maastricht, NL. She has been living and working as a freelance illustrator and infographic designer in Amsterdam since 2009. Her illustration work is very diverse, she has a great palet of skills that she deploys and mends to the needs of each project she takes on.