Owen Davey
Flesh and Bone

Children's Publishing

Commissioned | Professional

Why did you make this work:
I was commissioned to create these artworks for a concertina-style dual angle novelty book. If you look at the image from one direction you see the dinosaur, and from another vantage point, you see its skeleton.

How was the illustration used:
A treatment to show to Publishers to invest in the production of it as a novelty Picture Book

How did you make this work:
I had to take special care to make sure that the images lined up so that it felt like the same character, but being X-Rayed. I created the fleshed-out dinosaurs first and then worked out how their bones would move to put them in the right position. I wanted consistency in the colours between versions so the dominant colour of the animal then forms the background for the x-ray.

Commissioner Name :
David Carter
Commissioner Company :
Blossom Books

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facebook.com/Owen Davey Illustration

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Currently Based:
United Kingdom

I am an Illustrator based in Worthing, UK. I have worked professionally as an Illustrator since 2009, collaborating with clients including Flying Eye Books, Google, Facebook, Walker Books, WWF, Sony, and National Geographic. I am the lead illustrator on the multi-award-winning app Two Dots and I have produced many picture books over the years which have been published in 17 languages globally.