Ovadia Benishu
A Purchase in Deizengov

Commissioned | Professional

Why did you make this work:
"I purchased a store on Dizengov to strike roots to purchase roots to find me a perch in Roval but the people in Roval1 I ask myself who are these people in Roval what’s so special about these people in Roval what make them tick these people in Roval I don’t address the people in Roval and when the people in Roval address me I pull out the language,2 clean words, a most up-to-date Hebrew".

How was the illustration used:
A published Illustrations and poems book: An anthology of Hebrew poetry called "Israel: Voices from Within". Included in the book are English translations of 40 poems originally written in Hebrew and Arabic, written between the end of the nineteenth century to the beginning of the 21st.

How did you make this work:
I've been asked to Illustrate an Israeli poem name "A Purchase in Deizengov" by Erez Bitton. it tells a story of a store owner at Dizengoff Street in Israel and how alienated he feels compare to the outside, almost a stranger coming from the outskirts of Israel into the very center of a bohemian driven society. I wanted to do the opposed of the poem, to show the inside from the outside.

Commissioner Name :
The iCenter for Israel Education
Commissioner Company :
The iCenter

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Shenkar College of Engineering and Design
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Ovadia Benishu, An Israeli Illustrator based in Tel-Aviv, graduated from Shenkar College in (B.des, year 2015) majoring in Illustration. Ovadia Works mainly as an Editorial Illustrator and Comic artist, also have art direction experience. Ovadia published several books and awarded several awards. selected clients: Wired, BBc's Focus, Harvard Business Review, Yango, Mr Porter, HP, Zetland and more.