National Geographic


Image Type: multiple

Usage:  Editorial illustrations for National Geographic's website.

Process: First, we began by reading the copy thoroughly and gathering reference of the elements needed in each themed card. We then proceeded to sketching compositions for the pieces in Photoshop, trying to bring all three piece up together side by side (as is essential with any set or campaign project) before roughing in greyscale values with a soft brush to get the graphic read of the thumbnail roughs. Once the black and white sketches were approved, we added rough colours after which the pieces were rendered in high res.

Materials: Digital

Formats: Digital files

Brief Requirements: A small series of travel destinations created for National Geographic. The themes were Cities, Nature and Culture. We also added some subtle animation to each postcard.

Key Brief Ideas: We tried to take the scene suggestions of each piece and push the energy and movement as far as possible without sacrificing the class and nuances of the content. Following the success of previous Travel Deco briefs, this was another opportunity to push the style, dynamism, depth and execution further. 

Commissioned For: National Geographic

Commissioner Company: National Geographic

Agent: Folio Illustration Agency

Agent Website: