Natalia Giménez

Natalia Giménez is Editor-in-Chief of Minchō Magazine.

Minchō is a four-month publication for illustration lovers and magazine collectors. It hails from Madrid as a very independent and personal project managed by Francisco Carrasco, co-founder of former Linea Curve magazine, and Natalia Giménez, Art Historian with a wide experience in teaching and cultural management. They currently handle the coordination of Madrid Grafica design festival.

They are truly interested in contemporary art but both also passionate about experimental comics, stapled fanzines, album art, daily political cartoons, graffiti and store signs that nudge the urban landscape, patterns, creative packaging, picture books to-read-to-nephews or Miyazaki films. This way Minchō is an exchange of glances between cultural critics and artists about the brief but intense history of contemporary graphic expression, promoting the reflection on some “icons” of our time and the end of cultural hierarchies.