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Why did you make this work:
The work started as a self-directed university project to celebrate the diversity of Loughborough. I drew for hours in the market town, watching the people of Loughborough and their stories unfold. After graduating, I was commissioned to fill a new cafe's bathroom with my illustrations. The purpose was to create a bathroom like no other, full of hidden stories and recognisable characters.

How was the illustration used:
My illustrations were used to create bathroom murals. They gave life into the original Old Art College tiles and helped build a distinguishable visual identity, attracting students and locals alike.

How did you make this work:
I used coloured pencils and pen to create my drawings from earlier reportage sketches. I printed my illustrations onto water decal paper and transferred them to the tiles on the bathroom walls. The drawings were carefully placed around the room to engage and amuse the bathroom goer - some low down for kids to find and others at eye level around the cubicles.

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Our Neighbourhood

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Loughborough University
Graphic Communication and Illustration
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Miriam Pritchard, known on instagram as Pritchards Pencil, is a freelance illustrator and Great Britain hockey player. Since graduating with a first class degree from Loughborough University Pritchard has worked on multiple projects including self-publishing her first children's book. Miriam's illustrative style is emotive and playful, finding stories in every day life.