Noah Ark Memory

Book cover design for Matichonbook, Thai publishing

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This book is about Yeehok who has been suffering from her trauma. Then she found the Noah Ark project which could help to deplete her traumas.

My illustration is inspired from Yeehok's favourite drink, lychee rose tea with espresso, which is a mixed flavor of sweet and bitter. It’s blending with colours of light pink and dark brown as her stages of happiness and distress in one glass.

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Prapapond Prasertsopa, Deputy Manager of Matichonbook
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Meanapas.c, she was born and has been living in Thailand. Art, for her, is important as her breath. Now, she is a full-time Design Manager and freelance illustrator. She loves to learn new things and explore new techniques and ideas for her art. She cannot stop making art until she dies, because ART makes her ALIVE.