Maïté Franchi

Commissioned | Professional

Why did you make this work:
Stiegl wanted to have a new design for their Hausbiere bottles in 2019. I was commissioned to create a series of new beer labels.

How was the illustration used:
Beer labels

How did you make this work:
My aim was capturing the flavour cues and experience of each flavour. For example, Gipfelstürmer was "Irresistibly fruity, it smells of green banana, lime and apricot and a hint of cloves which is typical for wheat beer from the glass. Brisk hoppiness connects to a balanced malt body, and the fine sparkling carbonic acid acts vividly on the palate. The finish – is a delicate, hoppy affair."

Commissioner Name :
Angelika Besser
Commissioner Company :
DMB Austria
Commissioned for:

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Maïté is a freelance illustrator and graphic designer based in Lyon, France. Inspired by Art Deco, she combines geometric shapes with vibrant colour, adding subtle texture as a final step to bring warmth and richness to her work. This sensibility appeals to a vast array of clients, across advertising, packaging, design and editorial.