Maisy Summer
Liptons Grocers - Open Spaces Mural

Site Specific

Un-commissioned | New Talent

Why did you make this work:
The mural was completed under a project called Open Spaces. Open spaces is a non-profit community project based in Stockport. Their aim being to brighten up & regenerate Little Underbank, by organising these site specific creative projects. They also have the plans to open up a studio, workshop and event space on Stockport Highstreet. Theme for the murals set by the the council was ‘remembrance'.

How was the illustration used:
Large Scale Mural

How did you make this work:
After researching on Stockport Archive I discovered the building used to be a Lipton’s Grocers. The artwork is based on the traditional grocers, in the aim of celebrating Stockport Highstreets history. I used Robert Opie’s 1930s Packaging Scrapbook as reference for the design. My Nana & Great Auntie also actually lived through the 1930’s & could recall to me brands I should include.

Commissioner Name :
Jane Crowther and Vicky Carr
Commissioner Company :
Open Spaces

Social Media:
Etsy: Open Spaces: - Open Spaces is run by Jane Crowther & Vicky Carr

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Manchester School of Art
Illustration with Animation
Year of Graduation:

During the last two years my practice has focused on illustrating, documenting & collating stories of independent venues: the people, places, histories, & their narratives. My illustrations are predominately constructed from cutting up & shaping tiny bits of paper - letting characters and objects evolve from this process. Essentially drawing with scissors - I find this results in more unexpected & intriguing outcomes & compositions. I’m currently a part-time Graduate Teaching Assistant on the Illustration with Animation course at Manchester School of Art. Alongside teaching, I am a resident at ‘Marketplace Studios’, Stockport - where I work as a freelance illustrator.