Luis Pinto
Daily Graphic Thoughts

Un-commissioned | Professional

Why did you make this work:
Daily Graphic Thoughts is a personal project that seeks to graphically explore a daily theme to be developed through visual rhetoric loaded with irony, humor or reflection. The project is a 365 challenge (@dgraphicthoughts) in constant progress with pieces dedicated to life, play, routine and creativity.

How was the illustration used:
digital posts, printed posters and paper installantions

How did you make this work:
A first exhibition of the project was held on October 3, called "100 graphic stories" with the support of Rafael Landívar University and Alliance Française Guatemala, in which 100 pieces of the project were curated and there was a special paper installation collaboration carried out by Carlos Medrano.

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Luis is a Mexican graphic designer/illustrator currently based in Guatemala. Most of Luis’ work is colorful, conceptual and expressive. He loves to use and experiment with a variety of mediums. He’s influenced by folk stories, daily routines, graphic novels, art history and pop culture. His illustrations appear in advertising, murals and magazines, for clients that include Google, Little White Lies, Guzmán & Gómez, Easy Jet Traveller and many more.