Lizzie Wheeler
The Rock-Poolers


Un-commissioned | New Talent

Why did you make this work:
I made this print for several reasons. I wanted to push myself to produce a more complex print to see what I could achieve from layering colours, and simplifying form. I was keen to work with the shapes and tones of shadow, and wanted to capture a beautiful day spent with my cousins - ambling about on our favourite beach, Druidstone Haven, Pembrokeshire - at the end of summer.

How was the illustration used:
It is primarily used as a portfolio piece. Having graduated last summer, I am in an exploratory stage of building up my portfolio. I sell The Rock-Poolers as fine art prints and greetings cards from my online shop. The Druidstone Hotel - which sits on the head-land overlooking the beach on which the picture is based - also sells postcards of my image.

How did you make this work:
I took a photograph on my film camera, from which I based the figures. I then simplified these figures, added the dog and the surroundings from imagination, and reduced it down to four colours (three excluding white). I then separated out each colour layer and cut three lino plates. I printed these on Ho-Sho relief-printing paper from lightest to darkest using a wooden spoon to rub the paper down.

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Bath Spa University
Graphic Communication
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Lizzie is a London-based illustrator and printmaker. She graduated in 2019 from a Graphic Communications degree, and is now enjoying commissioned work as well as personal projects.Lizzie makes illustrations and artwork for a wide range of purposes. Her recent projects include illustrations for the Bristol Refugee Rights website, a mono-print for the 2020 Sarasa Chamber Music Ensemble brochure, illustrations for a children's book called 'Pedr's Big Mistake', and an illustrated guide to Biodegradable glitter for the Centre for Sustainable Chemical Technologies. Lizzie has exhibited at Oxford Art Weeks events, Bristol's 'Oceans Matter' exhibition, and the Oxford Arts Society annual exhibition, where she was the winner of the Young Artist Competition in 2019. She was also winner of the 2019 Bath Fringe Festival poster design competition.Lizzie takes inspiration from the natural world, the creatures and people who inhabit it, and the stories they have to tell. Lizzie works with a variety of techniques, including pencil, paint, collage, and print-making, and enjoys bringing together the speed of the digital with the organic quality of the hand-made.