Lizzie Knott
The Way For All

Design Product & Packaging

Un-commissioned | New Talent

Why did you make this work:
After doing my dissertation on the history of WWI London Underground posters, Alfred France’s ‘The Way for All’ 1911 image was really progressive for the time, during the suffragette movement. This urged me to set myself the project of creating an inclusive and diverse poster for 2020 London as part of my Third Year Illustration degree Final Major Project, especially amidst political tension.

How was the illustration used:
The poster would be displayed on the train platforms for passers by to see. The map images will of course accompany this, situated by the ticket offices and near the entrances of the London Underground stations.

How did you make this work:
I filled up a sketchbook with rough pencil observational drawings that I completed in London, capturing a diverse and exciting range of people. I then worked with gouache and a limited colour palette to develop brush marks and a bold composition. To complete the finalised artwork, I used procreate - mostly using the brush ‘Blackburn’ for the variation of line and messy brush strokes.

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Cambridge School of Art
BA Illustration
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Watford, England

Lizzie Knott is a Third Year Illustration student at Cambridge School of Art, preparing to graduate in July 2020. Originally from London, she mainly uses digital mediums to carefully quirky characters with a range of typography. Her work has ranged from posters for spoken word and comedy nights, to podcast covers, illustrations for book covers and pages and a wide range of personal projects. The themes of her work tend to be political and diverse, representing women and the LGBTQ+ community as much as she can. She also creates work centred around mental health, using illustration as a means of helping others.