Marco Palena
Librerie in Fiore 2016 (Bookshops in Blossom 2016)


Image Type: Single Image

Usage: Poster in books shops in Italy

Process: Graphite, Digital

Materials: Graphite, Photoshop

Formats: Digital file

Brief Requirements: The project: ‘Blooming Bookshops’ celebrates every year the blossoming of books and culture in Italy together with the arrival of spring. All the bookshops joining the project are invited to set up a special shop window with flowers and books from different publishers in order to celebrate the return of spring on March 21st.

Key Brief Ideas: The beginning of spring: March 21st and a quotation by Amélie Nothomb: "A true reader is … a reader who is completely immersed in the reading of a book and is changed by it, … a person who is fully open-minded towards the book".

Agent: Lina Vergara Huilcaman #logosedizioni

Agent Website: