Marguerite Carnec
Lieu de Vie


Image Type: multiple

Usage: The three submitted prints are part of a series of 9.

Process: Mono printing

Materials: Fabriano, oil

Formats: 100×70 cm

Brief Requirements: Lieu de Vie was a self initiated project to be exhibited at my final year show in 2016. I created a series of 9 mono prints to show what I experienced whilst volunteering at the refugee camp in Calais, known as the Jungle. My aim was to give an alternate representation to the media’s biased black and white coverage of the Jungle that often dehumanised refugees. It illustrates my personal experience of meeting those that lived there, witnessing their everyday struggles, the injustice of their situation and the hardships they faced whilst waiting for asylum.  

Key Brief Ideas: The demolition of the Jungle began in March 2016 with the southern part of the camp, evicting thousand of migrants. ‘Lieu de Vie’ (living place) was spray painted across the camp, in the hope these living spaces would not be destroyed. This series of prints is based on material I gathered in Calais in September 2015. Whilst volunteering I processed what shocked and confused me by recording everything I witnessed through drawing, photography and writing.

On my return to the UK I researched the refugee crisis at length, in an attempt to find a rational explanation to the tragedy that was taking place in the country I call home. My work exposes an objective ‘truth’. It illustrates nothing more than what I saw. Gendarmes surveying people’s lives from above, local people deliberately driving their car into a group of refugees, a Sudanese man pouring me tea and showing me his Instagram full of selfies.

College: Camberwell College of Arts