Johnny Hardstaff


Johnny Hardstaff is a director, designer and modern storyteller. He is represented by 'Ridley Scott Associates' (branded content/commercials, London), 'Independent Talent' (feature films and television, London) and 'United Talent Agency' (feature films and television, Los Angeles). Hardstaff has directed and designed innovative moving image work across a broad spectrum of both commercial and non-commercial strands of the visual arts. Mass media clients include Twentieth Century Fox, Radiohead, Philips, Sony and the BBC.

Hardstaff's work has been broadcast worldwide and exhibited at major museums of modern art and cultural institutes including Tate Modern (London), Museum of Contemporary Art (Chicago), ACMI (Melbourne), MOMA (San Francisco), Laforet Museum (Tokyo) and the V&A Museum (London). His first retrospective was held at the Zero One Design Center (Seoul) in 2004.

Hardstaff is well known for his works 'History of Gaming' and 'Future of Gaming', the Radiohead film 'Like Spinning Plates' and his short format promo works and film sequences for Ridley Scott's 'Prometheus'.

Johnny will be judging the Advertising category.