Jack Tite : Mega Meltdown

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Create a non-fiction children's book with pull-out pages about the magnificent animals from the Ice Age and the story prehistoric humans migrating from Africa to spread across the entire planet. Following the extinction of Ice Age animals, emphasise the importance of endangered animals today, and how they are following the same tragic fate as their ancestors did thousands of years ago.
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This was my debut book, and I created in at University. My aim was to break many of the myths surrounding Ice Age animals, show some of the more bizarre creatures such as the diprotodon and teach children about the fascinating Ice Age megafauna continent by continent. All of the illustrations were created digitally on photoshop and along the way, I discovered a true passion for natural history!

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I’m an illustrator from the UK with a love of 70’s music, olives, drumming and – as you can probably tell – prehistoric animals.