Ioana Bolchis
The Night Manager

Book Covers

Un-commissioned | New Talent

Why did you make this work:
Speculative book cover design based on Penguin’s 2020 Student Design Award competition brief. I chose John Le Carre’s adult fiction book, ‘The Night Manager’.

How was the illustration used:
Book cover

How did you make this work:
Digital drawing made in Procreate, based on a graphite pencil sketch. I used a mix of grain and calligraphy brushes and relied on layering to build up the illusion of fading smoke.

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Year of Graduation:

Currently Based:

Ioana Bolchis is an illustrator based in Bucharest. Here she studied fine art, then she graduated Falmouth University’s BA Illustration course in 2020. She was part of the D&AD 2020 New Blood Showcase. Her projects range from book covers, to narrative illustration, layout design and branding. She enjoys portraiture, taking part in collective projects and making dummy books out of anything.