Hana Anouk Nakamura – Art Director for W.W. Norton

Children's Publishing

Hana Anouk Nakamura used to be the Associate Art Director for Abrams Appleseed and Amulet Books when asked to join the jury but has since moved to become the Art Director at W.W. Norton, heading up the young readers imprint.

She enjoys working on books about A,B,Cs or the Birds and the Bees. She loves animals (be they furry, scaly or in between), vintage typography, problem solving, making things by hand, as well as folklore and mythology. Hana is always on the look-out for new artists and styles that expand horizons, she believes that you shouldn’t draw down to children but up, since they are smarter than grown-ups and the art we make for them should be too.

Hana will be judging the Children’s Publishing category.

Instagram: @hanakslife

website: hananouk.com


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