Elissa Turnbull
COVID Haircut


Un-commissioned | Professional

Why did you make this work:
This image is from a self-initiated COVID diary. The reason for this personal project was to investigate my artistic voice through a consistent series of small daily projects. I was motivated by the opportunity to find out more about the unifying themes and ideas that create my voice, and experiment with a style that compliments those themes.

How was the illustration used:
Self promotion

How did you make this work:
This was created digitally. I chose to make every diary image within a square, to participate in the pervasive practice of maintaining a public image-based diary on social media, specifically instagram, which requires a square format. My diary happened to be illustrated selfies, rather than photographed selfies.

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Elissa Turnbull is an editorial illustrator working in lifestyle, gender, health and social equity subjects. Her goofy, disproportionate forms, in simple, bright scenes, compassionately celebrate the human condition and can deliver tough critique and analysis in a friendly bite-sized package. She lives with her two young daughters on a small island off the Northeast coast of the U.S.A.