Euan Cook
Either Way

Image Type: multiple

Usage: Graphic novel

Process: Quink ink applied with dip pen and brush on paper, scanned in and then colour added digitally in Photoshop.

Materials: Black ink applied with pen and brush on paper, scanned in and then colour added digitally in Photoshop

Formats: Starting off working on paper from sketches, trying to allow spontaneity and energy in the final drawings. To create texture and depth I worked with two layers of flat tone, using pen, brush and ink before scanning and putting them together digitally. Finally adding the colour tint and cleaning up.

Brief Requirements: To illustrate a coming-of-age ‘coming out’ tale for teens that has three stories braided into one, with a couple of twists at the end. Set in America, the story sets out to teach teens about the history of gay rights, while emphasising the recurring theme that ‘It's okay to be gay. Or not. Either way, it's okay’.

Key Brief Ideas: Spread over ninety pages, the illustrations had to show a diverse range of ethnicities, age groups, body shapes and gender identities as well as avoiding stereotypes and caricatures. A whole cast of characters had to be created, imagining many of them at different ages from childhood through to adulthood.

Commissioned For: 96 page graphic novel

Commissioner Company: Magination Press

Agent: Arena Illustration

Agent Website: