Charlie Padgett
Drop by Drop

Image Type: Single Image

Usage: Cover illustration for medical research journal Molecular Metabolism

Process: The initial rough sketch was tightened up and scanned. I then opened it in Photoshop where I painted the final image using various brushes. For the textures in the piece; the background texture was created with an ink wash sprinkled with salt. I also did some initial shading on the droplets with graphite. I then scanned these textures into Photoshop and blended them with the final painting.

Materials: A pencil, an ink wash, some graphite, thousands of pixels, a wacom tablet and Photoshop.

Formats: The majority of the final work was produced in Photoshop, so the final image only exists as a digital file.

Brief Requirements: Create cover art that visually conveys the overall concept of a research paper about a protein found in lipid droplets that seems to increase fat cells and affects insulin sensitivity, leading to obesity.

Key Brief Ideas: After reading the paper, I thought when these lipid droplets lead to obesity they are causing a sort of  ‘distortion’ to the patient’s body, much in the same way as looking at an image through a droplet of water or a fish eye lens.

Commissioned For: Molecular Metabolism

Commissioner Company: Elsevie