Einar Turkowski : The secrets of Pinewood Hill

Children's Publishing

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Why did you make this work:
I wanted to make a book that encourages people to fight their fears and use their freedom to find their own way. Inspired by movies from the 80s, this book is above all a tribute to the dream factory and the adventures of youth.

How was the illustration used:
Picture book for all ages

How did you make this work:
The illustrations for this book were drawn exclusively with HB and B pencils on yellowish 90g/m drawing paper. Apart from two types of eraser, a paper wiper and ruler, no other tools were used. The black backgrounds were created by elaborate layering, also with the pencil. Text and illustrations are from one hand.

Commissioner Name :
Kunstanstifter Publishing House
Commissioner Company :
Kunstanstifter Verlag, Werderstraße 31, 68165 Mannheim, Germany
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Hamburg University of Applied Sciences
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Fahrener Mühle 1, D-24253 Fahren, Germany

Einar Turkowski, born in Kiel in 1972, studied illustration at HAW Hamburg. He teaches illustration at the Kunsthochschule Kiel. His works are exhibited internationally. He has received numerous awards for his picture books, including the Grand Prix of the Biennale of Illustrations Bratislava and the Grand Prix of the Golden Pen of Belgrade. His books have been translated many times.