Ekaterina Sheath
The New Pavilion: A Walk Through Time

Site Specific

Commissioned | New Talent

Why did you make this work:
The New Pavilion had been at the heart of the Morley community since 1911. Now abandoned, the building whispers of couples falling in love, cheeky children tucking into ice cream, and clubbers’ rowdy dancing. Protesting against demolition, the local community successfully protected this cherished site. The project creatively transforms the building while it awaits a new future.

How was the illustration used:
Leeds City Council commissioned the design of fifty-one window panels to bring life to the New Pavilion and to encourage a sense of community and pride by celebrating local stories.

How did you make this work:
Fuelled by an interest in heritage and oral story-telling, I reached out to local people. A ripped cinema ticket, fish and chips after a cowboy film, a little child’s head peeping at Grandma’s bingo card – all are memories shared by the community. By depicting their own words and using local archives, I bring the building’s history back to life as local people and visitors walk past.

Commissioner Name :
Sarah Priestley
Commissioner Company :
Leeds City Council

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Currently Based:
Leeds, United Kingdom

Ekaterina Sheath is a recent graduate from Leeds Arts University. Through community engagement, on-location drawing, and research, she shares hidden stories and transforms local spaces into cultural assets. A core value is representation: celebrating diversity and equality. Working with social organisations she brings engaging and educational illustrations to communities.