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Why did you make this work:
This project was commissioned by Atomix, a Korean fine dining restaurant located in Manhattan, to create twelve illustrations for menu cards to be served with a ten course menu dish. The menu cards are gifted to customers as a kind of souvenir so I decided to create images representative of the Korean culture to make the cultural experience at the restaurant more memorable.

How was the illustration used:
Menu card design for a ten course menu

How did you make this work:
The images were inspired by Sip-jang-saeng, ten or more Korean traditional symbols of longevity and prosperity of life in harmony with nature. I designed the menu cards in a way that each card can stand solely as an image and when all twelve images are put together at the end of the entire course, they create a new image, a cabinet filled with the twelve symbols.

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Dani is an illustrator currently based in Brooklyn. Since moving to New York from Seoul, Dani has been creating colorful illustrations and experimenting with various styles of drawing on different projects.