Claire Mignard

Science & Technology

Un-commissioned | New Talent

Why did you make this work:
This project was a brief during my ongoing studies at the University of Hertfordshire. I had to create illustrations with a chosen subject for an exhibition at the Natural History Museum, London. I chose to work with the Coleoptera order, which I find fascinating.

How was the illustration used:
Brief submitted to my tutors, University of Hertfordshire

How did you make this work:
After extensive research, I selected reference images, most of them Macro pictures. I decided to work with Colored Pencils and I tried to be as accurate as possible, as it is often required with Scientific illustration. I discovered through videos how sophisticated the wings can be, so I opted for an animation to show how Ladybirds fold and unfold their wings.

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University of Hertfordshire
BA Illustration
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After exploring the world for 15 years as a flight attendant, Claire decided to go back to her first love and enrolled on a BA Illustration with the University of Hertfordshire. Claire is passionate about images and visual language, especially animation and stop motion. Growing up in Africa, Claire is involved with several wildlife foundations in Kenya.