Cecilia Abeid
New Millennium stop motion music video animation


Commissioned | New Talent

Why did you make this work:
This was a stop motion music video created for Brazilian musicians JOCA & grãomestre, produced by MangoLab and Redley, for Redley Records. The song New Millennium talks about making art in this new era. We were all in quarantine and an animated video clip came as a result of that. I worked directly with Director Antonio Arraes on a daily basis to fulfill and enhance his wishes.

How was the illustration used:
Music video animation

How did you make this work:
All sets, dolls, and scenes were created fully from scratch with basic materials such as wire, thread, paper, and plasticine. Full production and editing were made in a period of 30 days, from creating every element to staging, filming, editing, and final cuts. The main idea was that everything was hand-made and had a nostalgic childhood feel to it in some way.

Commissioner Company :
MangoLab, Redley, Redley Records

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School of Visual Arts (SVA)
MFA Illustration as Visual Essay
Year of Graduation:

Cecilia Abeid is a Brazilian artist (from Rio de Janeiro), currently based in New York, where she went to pursue her Masters in Illustration at SVA. Coming from Rio de Janeiro, her sense of creativity tends to come from the art of improvisation, as resources and materials may not always be available. Cecilia believes this influences highly in what turned out to be a great sense of originality to solve issues and tell stories. For the artist, improvisation and no limitation is key, which gives her portfolio varied works such as sculptures, installations, animations, prints, and patterns. Currently, she has committed to 3D based projects, where she is always on the hunt for a new challenge.