Cedar Wang
The Boy Who Collects Smells

Children's Publishing

Un-commissioned | New Talent

Why did you make this work:
This picture book is based on a phenomenon called Proust Effect I read about: people can be transported back to their past and relive intense and emotional memories in response to certain smells. The protagonist was a boy who lost his family. When he was sad and missed his family, he began a journey with his dog to use glass bottles to collect the smells of his mother, father, and older brother.

How was the illustration used:
This is a children's picture book intended for ages 6-10.

How did you make this work:
I used acrylics to make the illustrations. I chose a limited palette to tell the story. The vintage colours fit the emotional tone of the book by expressing the grief of missing someone. I kept experimenting and altering as I painted to achieve a better effect. I left textures of brush strokes to make the picture look more special and more in line with the theme of smell and memory.

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Cambridge School of Art
MA Children's Book Illustration
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Cedar Wang is an author-illustrator from Beijing. She finished her first master's degree in Children's Literature at the University of Cambridge. She has recently completed a Master's degree in Children's Book Illustration at Cambridge School of Art. She often gets inspiration from books and films on historical subjects and her travels. Fantasy stories and imaginative images always excite her.