London Memo


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Why did you make this work:
London Memo is over 60 pieces of hand-drawn illustrations, taking ‘existing things’ as carriers. Cao Xue collected life fragments like tickets, maps, cards, when living in London, and later created hand-drawn illustrations on them taking memories as the theme. Beyond the ‘actuality' of daily stuff, the illustration tries to reveal the inner ‘reality’.

How was the illustration used:
In an Independent publication. In order to reproduce the non-linear feature of memories, the illustrations are collected into LONDON MEMO, which is a free-assembled zine. From the numerous illustrations and text, the viewer can select randomly and arrange freely. Then assemble them into a unique set of London Memo. Imitating the non-linear characteristics of memories while linear browse.

How did you make this work:
Hand painted with acrylic on real collected stuff. The form and content of each illustration are closely related to the context of its carrier. Each illustrations show exact the moment when Cao Xue was using the tickets or maps.

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University of the Arts London
MA Graphic Communication Design
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Cao Xue (b.1992) graduated from University of the Arts London,Chelsea College of Arts, freelance illustrator based in China.