Gooddays: Colour of the North


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Book Cover/s, Book inside or spot illustration/s, Exhibition or installation, Print/poster or postcard, Whole book design

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This book follows an opportunity to live in the north of Thailand, for me, is fascinating. The slow, and pace of life lends itself to an appreciation of nature. 2019 brought with COVID. Looking back on this period of my life. I can see that I spent my days going through negative emotions.I had to learn that I could find happiness in any situation, and that I need allow myself to embrace that.

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My name is Aura. I am a mixed media illustrator based in Thailand and Australia. My work is currently focused on representing the memorable moments of human character, food, and nature that appear within life. I attempt to capture and portray the positive energy of cheerfulness and happiness. I use a combination of different paper collage techniques and acrylic coloring to create my artwork.