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Dancing with the Breeze

Embracing Life's Ephemeral Beauty


Un-commissioned | New Talent

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College or university project

How did you make this work:
This work combines traditional crayon drawing with frame-by-frame animation, representing the fusion of the past and the future. Inspired by the love and care of my mother, the main theme is about the flow of time and eternal love. Through this piece, I hope to convey the unique sensory experience and warmth that hand-drawn art can bring.

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Beijing Film Academy

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I hail from Jiangxi, China, nurtured by its surroundings and sent off to pursue my passion for painting in a faraway land. Now, having left Beijing for the South, I am in pursuit of my dream to become a professional illustrator. Despite an unstable livelihood, I find both love and hate in life, as it offers both pain and endless inspiration.