Andra Smalenic
Breast and Eggs Cover Design

Design and illustration for Mieko Kawakami's novel

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Book Cover/s

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Breasts and Eggs is a novel which depicts so accurately, yet so softly, womanhood. I wanted to portray a woman that represents everyone and anyone. The book is open to be interpreted, thus I kept a mysterious quality to my image. The most important element would have to be the bright pink, which is soft and unapologetic, representing our protagonist.

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United Kingdom (UK)

Hi! I'm Andra and I am an illustrator currently based in Cornwall. I enjoy creating images that showcase everyday scenes and raw emotions. I often turn and twist reality in my images to change our boring days into fun and exciting ones. My work is focusing on editorial and advertising illustration. Though, you will also see a lot of book covers, as I am bookworm.