Alexandra Ruegler : Postcard from South Dakota


Commissioned | New Talent

This double-page graphic story gives an insight into natural preservation issues, the history of the American bison, and touches upon the subjects of depopulation and human involvement with nature in the Great Plains. The brief was for it to be a "postcard", a glimpse into a place and its culture that provokes thought and makes one curious to learn more.
Additional Information:
The story is based on a true conversation I had during my travels that I felt inspired to share. A non-American myself, with a mainly European audience in mind, I set out to explore the ongoing drama that is humankind's physical and cultural presence on the Great Plains of North America. The story was picked up by an Italian news periodical.

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HAW Hamburg (Hamburg University of Applied Sciences)
Illustration/Graphic Storytelling (Master), Prof. Anke Feuchtenberger

Alexandra Ruegler was born in 1988 in Athens, Greece. She lives and works in Berlin and Hamburg. Several books with her illustrations and her comic book "The Ballad of the Barefoot Bandit" have been published in Germany. She is currently working towards her Master of Arts degree in Graphic Storytelling in Hamburg while focusing on exploring the fields of comic journalism and graphic essay.