Alba Domingo
Da Nuces Pueris poetry book

Commissioned | Professional

Why did you make this work:
The independent publishing house Peu de mosca contacted me to illustrate "Da nuces pueris", a poetry book by Gabriel Ferrater. The book was published in 2022, during the celebration of the centenary of the poet's birth and the fiftieth anniversary of his death.

How was the illustration used:
The book consists of 42 poems, of which 15 were illustrated: 12 full-page and 3 half-page. The first edition was published in Catalan in February 2022, the second edition was printed in April 2022.

How did you make this work:
To make the illustrations I worked with layers in an analog way, with three different techniques: monotype, ink and graphite. Afterwards, I digitally colored them. The use of different registers allowed me a combination of languages that was very much in line with the tone of the poems: both wild and brutal and delicate and sensitive at the same time.

Commissioner Company :
Peu de mosca

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Currently Based:
Riudoms (Spain)

Alba Domingo was born in Riudoms (Spain), where she's currently based. She studied Illustration at EADT and Design and digital creation at UOC. Her work can be seen in many different fields, such as editorial, books or murals. She always approaches her commissions by looking for an idea and transforming it into an image using a poetic style.