Airin Kloavet

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Why did you make this work:
"Encounter" ("Encuentro" in Spanish) is a project that started with a concept design for a craft beer label and ended up being a comic story with two funny beer drinkers as protagonists. It is an animated Gif that mixes comics art and motion graphics

How was the illustration used:
The "Encounter" Gif is a piece that forms part of a design for the limited-edition craft beer label. I started working on a label design based on an explosion concept, creating geometric shapes that float around stylized lettering, as after an explosion. Then I developed the story of an explosive encounter, including motion elements and presenting them in the form of three short comic scenes

How did you make this work:
During a workshop and a collective exhibition of the Russian Collage Society, I developed a craft beer label inspired by the theme of the explosion, that included specially designed lettering and floating geometric elements. To go further with my idea, I decided to recreate an imaginary scenario, where an unexpected encounter of two characters leads to a little explosion of elements and emotions

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Barcelona, Spain

Airin Kloavet is a Graphic Designer and Illustrator based in Barcelona. After finishing her Degree in Philology, she studied Graphic Design and Postproduction. After graduating, she worked for fashion and video industries as a photographer, illustrator, and graphic designer. She recently started her career as a freelance illustrator, which combines with personal motion, design and video projects