Real and Imagined Stories

The medium of illustration is the perfect way to communicate stories both from real life, and the writers imagination.

Ivyy Chen
Accessing Primary Care with a Learning Disability

Strange beast collaborated with researchers at Surrey Heartlands with The SunnyBank Trust to produce an insightful short film based on real-life experiences of people with a learning disability, exploring their experience of accessing Primary Care services, and Annual Health Checks in particular.

Wenjing Yang
Dimension of Jorge Luis Borges

This is an imaginary motion book covers project for three Jorge Luis Borges’s three short science fiction stories, The House of Asterion, The Garden of Forking Paths, The Book of Sand

London Ladd

This illustration was inspired by the Latoya Watkins novel, Perish, where a family looks back on all that they have survived.

Luca D’Urbino

“HATERS” is part of a series of spontaneous illustrations representing modern days issues. The series is yet to be completed and the artworks will be auctioned as NFTs to promote social and environmental projects.

Atelier Pakawan
Days at Morisaki Bookshop

This project tells the story of one woman’s life that was rescued by being surrounded by books and people around this bookshop especially her uncle.

The illustrator wanted to play with the idea of ‘The bookshop that looks like a book’ with all the pages blowing by Autumn wind to represent that life goes on and how books can change your life in a way.

The materials used are watercolour, coloured pencils & Procreate.

Violeta Encarnación
Great Errands

This illustration was inspired by a couple of the illustrators friends that own a Great Dane puppy in a very small Manhattan apartment. They bring her everywhere no matter the level of difficulty.

With this piece Violeta wanted to celebrate their patience and courage in doing their best to move gracefully through everyday things.

Mel Northover
Breaking the News

As part of the wider Breaking the News exhibition at the British Library and forming a section entitled Encountering News, Mel wanted to create an engaging artwork that takes the viewer on a journey across time, encouraging them to explore the connections between encounters people have had with the news over the last 500 years, highlighting the comparisons and contrasts between those centuries apart.