Atelier Pakawan
Days at Morisaki Bookshop

Japanese Fiction by Satoshi Yagizawa - Thai Edition

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This is the story about one woman's life that is rescued by being surrounded by books and people around this bookshop especially her uncle. I want to play with the idea of 'The bookshop that looks like a book' with all the pages blowing by Autumn wind to represent that life goes on and how books can change your life in a way. My techniques are watercolor, colored pencils & Procreate.

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Biblio Publishing

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Atelier Pakawan or Pakawan Thongvanit is Thai illustrator. She is known for her whimsical illustrations that often mixed objects with everyday scenarios. She has a background in Interior Design then later decided to study Ceramics in Japan. She now makes a living creating both illustrations and ceramics. Her clients include The Okura Prestige Bangkok, Blue by Alain Ducasse,Pepsi Thailand etc.