Minimalist Illustration

llustration using the minimum to create impact. Limited colours, simple lines and bold shapes can tell a story in the simplest of ways.

Jungmin Lee
Exploration: Drawing, Painting and Application

The goal of this project was to explore the diverse ways of sharing the imagery and story, as well as the real world application into the posters.

His project is to experiment with different materials from paint to drawing, printmaking, and the unorthodox materials. The artist’s approach was to create a bold imagery of a fantastical creature and structure.

Yuanyuan Liu
Mural at Camberwell

This mural was commissioned for the Camberwell School of Art campus. The mural depicts all kinds of creative activities that happen in an Art School—some people create art while some see artworks and get inspired. The background elements are inspired by some buildings in London.

Oleksandr Shatokhin
Children’s book without words “Yellow butterfly”

Oleksandr is a Ukranian illustrator, and wanted to create a picture book about the time when peace will come, and a normal, calm life will return.

They wanted to create a book that would tell a story of hope, faith, and victory, that will help children understand that despite all the horrors and darkness, peace and light will come.

Tim Bouckley
The Ladder

Inspired by a short story, this illustration aims to achieve maximum atmosphere from a pared back colour palette and line work. It was hand drawn in pencil before having colour added digitally.

Vera Iva
The resilience of the human spirit

An illustration inspired by the illustrators personal emotional experiences. When the Russian-Ukrainian war began, they made the difficult decision to leave their home country, filled with exhaustion and fear. However, they found an inner strength within themselves, and it was a reminder to never underestimate their own strength, and to have faith in the resilience of the human spirit.

Stephan Schmitz
Brian’s Case

Brian is the best known juvenile delinquent in Switzerland and has been dragged through the media for years.

Jailed at the age of 11 he’s been in and out of prison ever since. He’s now 28 years old.

The article shows how systemic racism plays a role in how Brian is treated by the Swiss courts.

A room of memory (Alzheimer’s disease)

This work was produced using the dépaysement technique to express Alzheimer’s disease. Compared to a healthy brain, brain with Alzheimer’s has atrophy.

The deformed brain in the illustration is an expression of living in one’s own memory due to a gradual decline in memory and other cognitive functions.


This simple illustration depicts a small creature wanting to fight their fears and throw themselves into the eternal world of art, alone, unequipped and inexperienced.

Drawn by hand with a brush pen on paper, scanned, then coloured on Photoshop.

Coffee Cat

Created as a collaboration work with a Cloud Gallery and Cafe, these illustrations were developed as as representations of their coffee menu through cats drawn in Chinese ink.

Egle Plytnikaite
Packaging illustration for Siblings

Egle was commissioned to create an illustration that depicts the nostalgic feeling of winter skiing. Inspired by the vintage postcards from Chamonix, France, it brings nostalgic charm to contemporary illustrations.

Dani Stacey
Lost Connection

Inspired by an article in the New York Times about how to help a partner with depression. A man described his wife’s depression as “not one of sadness so much as it is emptiness”.

Window of Opportunity

Window of Opportunity is an illustration for the essay “Nothing can be taken for granted anymore” by Armin Nassehi about the chances that global crises may offer.

It talks about the dichotomy of possible realignments while facing the unbearable situation of the war in Ukraine.

The illustration was created with brush on paper and digital colouration.