Am I ready to dive into the eternal ocean of art?


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I am a small creature wanting fight my fears and throw myself into the eternal world of art. I am alone, unequipped and inexperienced. From where I stand, all I see is the blue emptiness of the sky and the ocean. When I dive, will the water make me float or drawn? Let's see. 3, 2, 1, DIVE!
Drawn by hand with a brush pen on paper, scanned, then coloured on Photoshop.

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Goldsmiths University of London

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United Kingdom (UK)

Sehyun is a 22 year old wanna-be-an-artist student from Korea, studied Fine Arts and currently studying Arts Management at Goldsmiths University of London. She got 2 honourable mentions in the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards in 2018, and since then she has been developing and creating illustrations and paintings in her style, mainly drawing people with bold black outlines and fun colours.