Stephan Schmitz
Brian's Case

The article shows how systemic racism plays a role in how Brian is treated by the Swiss courts.


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Magazine or newspaper cover illustration

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Brian is the best known juvenile delinquent in Switzerland and has been dragged through the media for years. Jailed at the age of 11 he's been in and out of prison ever since. He's now 28 years old. The article looks at his childhood and everything he missed ( he never went to school regularly ). The author unveils how systemic racism played a role in how the authorities handled his case.

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Florian Bachmann
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WOZ – Die Wochenzeitung

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I was born in 1983. I studied Illustration at University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Lucerne, Switzerland as well as Art Education at Zürich University of the Arts. I have been working as a freelance Illustrator since 2009 and I am teaching at University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Lucerne since 2020.