AOI Mentorship Scheme 2023: Meet Elizabeth Lander

The 2023 AOI Mentorship scheme is fully underway, and we are proud to introduce and champion this year’s mentees in a new series of interviews. A free program first introduced in 2020, this initiative champions a select group of 22 underrepresented illustrators, empowering them with dedicated support and guidance in the course of six months.

Elizabeth Lander is an Illustrator based in Grenada, paired with mentor and Illustrator Jacqueline Colley. Continue reading to learn how her mentorship is going so far, her key takeaways from the experience, and much more.

What does being part of the AOI Mentorship mean to you?

It meant being able to meet fellow illustrators and build my network. I am from a small country with an equally small creative community, so getting to connect with not just my mentor but with fellow mentees was helpful in many ways. It provided me with the reassurance to know that I was not alone in trying to grow my practice.

Many people shared similar concerns and there were solutions. The most significant was hearing an understanding voice through my mentor Jaqueline, when mine was full of doubts.

How has the mentorship helped you tackle your goals? In what way(s) has your mentor supported you?

To take accountability with myself and my own work. I used this mentorship to set my own briefs and see them through and, with the encouragement and guidance from Jacqueline, learned to approach every task with the care and enthusiasm I would any commission.

She also helped me in this process to pin-point what I loved to create, and tailor my portfolio to reflect me in more confident ways.

“I did not need to start over to be a better illustrator, but build upon the strongest pillars which were already there.”
– Elizabeth Lander

What has been a key moment or takeaway from the mentorship so far?

That it’s not a failure as long as you learned something from it. I did not need to start over to be a better illustrator, but build upon the strongest pillars which were already there. Sometimes when I feel stagnation in my work I may just need some self-reflection to see a way out again. It may seem like common knowledge, but it is easy to forget. 

“Working with Elizabeth has been a joy as she is so talented. Our productive conversations identifying her core values and interests have led her to create gorgeous new work, building on her goal of a portfolio that is reflective of her interests and unique point of view.”
– Jacqueline Colley, AOI Mentor

Thank you Elizabeth for taking the time to give us this interview. See more of her work on her website and instagram.

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