WIA2023 – Longlist Category Highlights: Animation – sponsored by Huion

Discover some fantastic entry highlights by New Talent and Professional illustrators on the WIA2023 Animation Longlist in this curated list.

Animation is a brand new category for the World Illustration Awards 2023! It has been added to reflect the global industry, recent improvements in technology and software, and an increasing trend towards animated and moving image work. This category is sponsored by Huion.

The World Illustration Awards 2023 Longlist features 500 projects by New Talent and Professional illustrators from all over the world across ten categories. This year, the awards celebrate great illustration!

Read on to see our Animation Category Highlights who have brought their illustrations to life! If you’d like to learn more, click through to see the full project and contact information!

Chu-Chieh Lee 
What Does God Look Like


What Does God Look Like is a Risograph animation with a short clip from the BBC archive, interviewing children about what may god look like. 

Chu-Chieh Lee is a Taiwanese illustrator, motion graphic designer, and animation director currently based in London, UK.

Sarah Walsh 
Hidden World


Hidden World is an animated gif about taking a closer look at nature and the magic hidden within it. It was designed as a book cover and development piece for a personal project, exploring the movement of the characters and the textures. It was animated in Adobe Animate and brought into Photoshop where the colour and textures were added.

Sarah Walsh is a Visual Artist and Illustrator based in Dublin, Ireland.

SanQian (ZhaoDiYU)
Hermes CNY


This animation was created for an online brand campaign for Hermes. A baby rabbit jumps up the boxes to wake up two fellow baby rabbits. They gather in front of the starry night and watch fireworks with family. The rabbit jumps to a high place, which means good luck.

SanQian (ZhaoDiYU) is an illustrator based in China.

Jimmy Arca 
You’re An Angel

New Talent

This animated illustration was an experiment to combine illustration, animation, and comics. The animated gifs bring comic strips come to life with characters and written dialogue in speech bubbles. You’re An Angel tells of a romantic relationship with the girl admiringly telling her boyfriend that he is an angel. Then suddenly he transforms into an angel.

Jimmy Arca is an illustrator based in Dallas/Fort Worth, TX.

ATE g g 
Dancing with the Breeze

New Talent

This work combines traditional crayon drawing with frame-by-frame animation, representing the fusion of the past and the future. Inspired by the love and care of the artist’s mother, the main theme is about the flow of time and eternal love. Through this piece, the artist hopes to convey the unique sensory experience and warmth that hand-drawn art can bring.

ATE g g is based in Jiangxi, China.

Max Braun 
Trauma – scars of the soul

New Talent

This project is an empathic ensemble, with the main topic being trauma and resilience. The artist channelled their own experiences, and conducted lots of research and interviews with others, to create this animation.

Max Braun is a german illustrator studying in Masters Degree Communication Design at FH Trier (Germany).

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2nd June 2023

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