Art Directors! Now is the perfect time to work with Illustrators and Animators

In the midst of all this uncertainty – Illustrators are perfectly equipped for Isolation and ready to bring your projects to life!

Genie Espinosa

Covid-19 has stopped many of us in our tracks and for many businesses (small independents and large corporations) there will be a huge and necessary undertaking of change.

While film, photography and site-specific work around the world is halted by travel and health restrictions – freelance illustrators and animators are equipped to create entire universes, depict emotion and feeling; represent society, community and diversity, from a single room in their own home studios.

There are thousands of talented and experienced professional illustrators and animators that are open to work on a project-by-project basis with business and agencies of all kinds. Illustration and animation are everywhere, and it has never been more accessible or more globally relevant!

If you’re looking to find that perfect illustrator for the job, lots of Illustrators and animators host their artwork on our Folio platform – if you want project management, we have a list of Agencies that are celebrated for their quality and experience.

We also feature members on our social media platforms, TwitterInstagramLinkedIn. Host an archive of recent World Illustration Award Shortlist and Winners, and we are thrilled to share that our all new longlist of five-hundred artworks for #WIA2020 is due to be launched this month on 28th April.

Illustrators are prepped and ready to work. Find your dream collaboration today!

We don’t manage projects for businesses, but if we can help signpost illustrators let us know. If you are time limited – we have 2700 active Illustrators we keep in touch with.

Helen Friel

It’s not just seen and enjoyed by children in books – illustration is incredibly versatile. It’s studied in universities, harnessed by councils and governments, applied in medical and educational textbooks, and launches national and global advertising campaigns. It’s applied to fashion, gaming, music, apps, consultancy, tech, healthcare and many other formats. You name it, we’ve seen it!

We know that a limited-edition product will sell better with an illustration on it. Animated and Illustrated posts will be more memorable and reach wider audiences than text alone. Soundless animation can say more in a few seconds than a whole page of text can. Great animation and Illustration can bridge language, which is why so many creative campaigns around the world using them are so successful.

How else can you use illustration?

Hollie Fuller

You may be familiar with using illustration in one way in a publication, or as a packaging. Illustration is versatile, and now may be the time to consider using it in other ways.

Have you got an important message to deliver? Work with an illustrator to create a newsletter banner or animation for your website.
Want to generate more interest in your online shop? Collaborate with an illustrator to make a limited-edition item, or promotional post.
Need to connect with people and raise awareness of your brand on social media? Commission an illustrator or animator to represent the best parts of your business for an online social ad.
Adapting your service or focusing on a new venture? Work with an illustrator to create a new company logo, branding image, complimentary slip, or podcast image.
Need to launch a fundraiser or Kickstarter to keep a project afloat? Use illustration to compel backers who are financially able, to support you.


Now is the time! With audiences watching brands more closely than ever – our priorities have changed, and people are looking to invest and support more meaningful projects during this time of crisis. Work with an illustrator to connect with your audience, add that personal touch to your campaign, or share the important reasons behind why your business started and how you’re adapting.

Molly Fairhurst

17th April 2020

World Illustration Awards 2023 – Longlist Announced!
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