Illustrators wanted for research into VR

The AOI, in partnership with UAL (Camberwell College of Arts) is looking to work with 5 illustrators for a one day workshop exploring VR technology and illustration on Tuesday 23 November 2021 at the UAL Camberwell campus.

What is the project exploring?

The rapid development and (affordable) accessibility of VR technology, through products such as Oculus Quest, opens up new potential for illustrators and illustration.

We want to explore this potential, in particular looking at questions relating to the visual/spatial conventions of illustrative practice as well as notions of authorship, image ‘reading’ or visuality and the potential that Illustration experienced through time and space might afford to practitioners and consumers.

There will be two stages of the project; the first is a workshop for illustrators to explore VR technology, and what it means for their artform.  The findings will contribute to a symposium on 3 and 4 February 2022.

This symposium is the second part of the project and will bring together an audience of industry professionals, students and academics to explore the potential of VR in illustration.

For full information and details on how to apply read the information here.

Information on the brief for selected illustrators is here.


End of day Friday 15 October 2021.

We believe in diversity and equality. We especially welcome applicants who are under-represented within the illustration industry and want to build a team with a diverse range of perspectives, backgrounds and skills. We know that in diversity is strength and we look forward to hearing from all interested applicants.

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