Varoom 37: Innovators

The Love issue Innovators

Each issue Varoom invites expert industry insiders to select and comment on the Innovators in their fields, including Motion, Fashion, Advertising, Children’s books, Design, Public Realm, Street Art and Reportage illustration.


Stuart Lang on Tobias Hall’s imagery for Warburtons ‘Pride & Breadjudice’ campaign.

“WCRS were really keen to make sure the work felt ‘crafted’, so everything (except for the photos of Peter Kay and the product itself) was drawn entirely by hand.” – Tobias Hall

Children’s Books

Sarah McIntyre on David Roberts’ His Royal Tinyness written by Sally Lloyd Jones.

“The challenge with this book was that the story is told from the point of view of the little girl very ironically. She tells her story like she is living in a fairy tale.” – David Roberts


Dan Witchell on Rob Bailey’s work for Smirnoff’s ‘Choose Love’ packaging.

“The project was a slight departure from my normal style of working. For example, I wouldn’t usually choose to draw facial features, but it was interesting to work outside of my comfort zone.” – Rob Bailey

Public Realm

Luise Vormittag on Jimmy Loizeau and Matt Ward’s Illegal Town Plan for seaside town, Rhyl.

“I was sad to see what was happening in my home- town. I wanted to bring this historical architecture back to life through pictures, to make Rhyl look bigger, faster and better again.” – Jimmy Loizeau

Derek Brazell on Felix Scheinberger’s Berlin sex club drawings.

“Photography is forbidden in Berlin clubs, and especially in hedonistic techno clubs. That’s why I took my sketchbook to the clubs and just drew there.” – Felix Scheinberger


Shane RJ Walters on Andrew Thomas Haung’s promo for Bjork’s love song The Gate.

“This was just an incredibly ambitious video from the get-go, so there were many hurdles…” – Andrew Thomas Haung


Olivia Ahmad on Samuel Wingate’s Grindr Project.

“Grindr Drawings capture the visual presentation people give when trying to connect to others often for reasons of love.” – Samuel Wingate

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1st March 2018

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