Please read below for answers to frequently asked questions. If you can’t find the answer to your question here, then please email [email protected]
Don’t panic on deadline day if you don’t hear from us immediately – we are probably busy. Rest assured – we will ensure everyone gets to enter and will get back to you when we can.

Does it matter if my artist name shows in my entry image?

If your artist name is part of the artwork (e.g. as the author’s name on a book cover) then it’s fine to enter. Please avoid including your name in the body text of the form.

Can I enter as a collective or duo?

Yes, please put both names, or the collective name, in the artist name field.

Why does my image look different in the form to the file I uploaded?

The entry form has to generate various sizes of images for the thumbnail and preview with fewer pixels than the original file. With certain files, the images may appear a bit blurry and/or lose colour definition

However the jury will be able to see the original large image. They understand the limits of the form and digital display and will not mark an image down because it is absolutely crisp in the preview formats.

If an image is not good quality then we will always get in touch with the artist before we show it to the jury.

Which category should I enter?

Check out our resource for advice on choosing your category here:

And see the category descriptions here:

How do I fill in the form?

Please read this resource here:

Can I add a URL to a single entry?

Please select multiple to add a URL link

Can I change my entry from a single to a multiple?

Unfortunately, you can’t automatically upgrade your entry to a multiple entry if you’ve already paid for it. Please email [email protected] to request a refund or transfer the payment to a new entry, and you can then checkout again with a multiple.

Do I need a PayPal account to pay for my entry?

No, you don’t need to have a Paypal account. You can select pay with debit/credit card and uncheck the ‘create an account’ option. Please see our guide here

I’ve paid through the shopping cart but my entry is not shown as paid.

It can sometimes take a few days for your bank to release funds to Paypal and them back to the form which will automatically mark your entry as paid. Please keep an eye out and check with your bank first whether the payment has actually been processed. The form will send an order confirmation coming from [email protected] once your payment has been received.

I can’t use PayPal, is there an alternative way to pay?

Yes, if you’re based in Turkey, Singapore, or are unable to access the PayPal portal, please get in touch with us to request the details for payment via BACs

I’ve paid by BACs, why is my entry not showing as paid?

We have to manually update BACs payments. We check regularly for new transactions, which may take a few days to process, especially if this is an international transaction. We will honour payments received after the deadline and your entries paid in this way will be submitted, even if we receive payment after the deadline.

I’m a member, do I need a code for my discounted fees?

Your discount is automatically applied at checkout. You have to be logged into your account that is linked to your membership.