Rina Allek is the New Talent winner of the Science & Technology Category. Here, she gives an in-depth insight into her award-winning project.

This project is my diploma work, it consists of video tutorials, non-fiction book and collection of souvenirs. An average person now knows about anatomy more than an ancient scientist, but it is still surrounded by prejudice and aversion. I wanted to show that anatomy could be fun and helpful.


The task was to solve any problem by creating media-project. I came to the conclusion that cultural influences still led people to be fearful of the anatomy. That’s why I decided to create an educational project about the human body, represent material in a clear and concise format, friendly but not too boring way.


Firstly I decided to research anatomical atlases, encyclopaedias and a number of ancient anatomical manuals from different countries and eras. It helped to understand how the image of human body changed over time according to the socio-cultural background.  Also I’ve created visual research which shows links between artists and anatomists, art and science.


I drew some pencil sketches and watercolour textures, and then created digital illustrations in simplified freehand style and in a minimalistic colour scheme.


At first I’ve collected facts and all the numeric data about body structures. Then I was bothering my sister who is a med-student «Is it true or fake?». Next step was converting flow of information into clear visual material. Also I wanted every spread had its own little story behind, not just presentation of facts.


Finding the balance between realistic and flat depiction was a struggle for me. Sometimes simplified pics create more questions than answers. As a kid I couldn’t understand how blood circulates cuz cardiovascular system was mostly drawn as a tree branch while it is more like a lace and has loops…


That I can stay awake for 72 hours, and it is actually a bad idea.


This was final year of university and first year I’ve started to work at tv channel, and I got a rabbit (the best thing happened to me).


I used 5 colours, made 24 book spreads, drew: 60 stars, 71 faces and one blue whale.


I would like to add some more visual navigation into illustrations.


Don’t be lazy like me and be yourself. But if you are lazy don’t be yourself.


I want to quit my current job (hope my boss won’t see this) and focus on my illustration career. Also I would like to publish my own book about gnome-warriors and move to the seashore.

Dream Commission

My dream commission is something connected with fairy tales and folklore. Not just book with stories, but something with research and analytical part.

Favourite thing to draw

I like to draw mola-mola fish, portraits of strangers, stars and creatures from medieval bestiary


I have a pet and collection of plants either, but I don’t have a studio. Therefore I work in my bedroom, which looks like messy storage. But it is not a mess it’s a complicated structure with unique ecosystem and its own microclimate.


I am very happy to be noticed, finally my self-esteem is rising from the ashes.

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