Jo Junghee is the New Talent winner of the Commercial Publishing Category. Here, she tells us more about her award-winning project, process and inspiration.

I went to Lanzarote on my honeymoon. The scenery at that time was so unique that I worked on this project to keep it in my heart for a long time.


I wanted to express the exotic appearance of Lanzarote. I wanted to capture the wild scenery of nature and the expressions and actions of colorful people. I wanted to express a lively appearance with a flat image.


Pictures of Spanish ceramics, cacti, wine fields, and architecture were referenced. For reference, I like the Spanish painter Joan Miro, for his use of color.


I used Windsor & Newton colored pencils and Holbein watercolor brushes, and digital brushes in Adobe Photoshop to add texture.


My work is a mix of handwork and digital. First, I sketch the landscape with Windsor and Newton colored pencils. Sometimes, I draw sketches with Holbein acrylic gouaches. I then scan the file in Adobe Photoshop and draw digitally using a flat, round brush.


I want to refer to various references, but language is always difficult, so it is difficult at the research stage. There is always a lot of help from a translator.


I found out that interesting works come out only when I am having fun. It was very interesting and fun to draw on honeymoon. I could try various things and the process was fun.


I am a travel writer and illustrator. I write while drawing pictures. I work hard even now to capture the moments I value. I am very excited to see my book published in November.


1000. I promised myself to do 1000 drawings for the new year. And yesterday, 1000 drawings were completed. Of course, most of the drawings are scarce and messy, but nevertheless, I still love drawing.


If it were different, I would have tried to add oriental lines and colors. It would be fun to draw the Lanzarote that Asians look at by adding an oriental sense such as blank space and hwaseonji.


All I believe is the amount of drawing. Don’t compare yourself with others, just look ahead and walk slowly.


I will be leading students. They will create creative works by mixing with handwork and digital. Travel books and books related to drawing will also be published. We will also start a YouTube channel to help us communicate with others.

Dream Commission

I want to receive 3 million won per month. I think I need that much to live in Seoul.

Favourite thing to draw

I want to draw all the travel destinations I went to with my husband. With my own gaze, I want to draw a picture to put things in my heart that I have seen and heard in the travel destination for a long time.


I mostly paint in cafes. I paint in Paju, a city around Seoul. Paju is a city of books, and there are many spaces where you can see the scenery while being quiet.


Thank you to my husband Park Joo-hyun, my parents, Lee Jung-won and Insu Lee.

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