The World Illustration Awards has ten categories that reflect the breadth and diversity of illustration being made globally today.
Read through our descriptions to find which category is the best fit for your entry.

For further guidance, read our resource on choosing your category.


Illustration sells…

Illustration created for traditional commercial advertising campaigns for products or services including:
• magazine print ads
• billboards
• TV commercials
• broadcast
• social media
• websites
• flyers
• entire campaigns

Book Covers

Judging a book by its cover

Any cover artwork for books for readers of any age. This category includes whole cover artwork made for:
• children’s books
• self-published books
• books for a general readership

Children's Publishing, sponsored by Walker Books

Inspiring the next generation of readers

Illustration created for use in publications for readers under 16 years old including inside illustrations, whole book design or entire publications for:
• fiction
• non-fiction
• educational books
• picture books
• interactive books
• reference books
• pop-up books
• e-books