Xavier Segers
Can we hug?

Boundary awareness and respect for personal space.


Commissioned | Professional

How were your illustrations used? :
Brand campaign (online), Brand campaign (print)

How did you make this work:
This image was created for a campaign aimed at young people to raise awareness about boundaries and consideration of others' level of physical touch. The depiction of a snake and a bird highlights the dangers of inappropriate or forced physical contact and the imbalance it creates. It emphasises the importance of considering the context before initiating any physical contact.

Commissioner Name :
Liesbeth Pyck
Commissioner Company :
Commissioned for:
Plan International

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Currently Based:
United Kingdom (UK)

Xavier Segers is a Belgian illustrator and designer based in London. His work is heavily inspired by his love for nature, Belgian surrealism and Korean folklore. His artwork invokes wonder through his intricate and playful style. Having a wide range of clients from big brands to cultural entities, has pushed his versatility and multidisciplinary approach to his illustrations.