Wünsch & Stömer
chronology of slow observations


Un-commissioned | New Talent

Why did you make this work:
We created these still lives during Lockdown to explore a style of working together on the same illustration, from different workplaces, in different cities. It shows an everyday perspective during a time when - despite the breathless crisis - the mundane world around us seems to stand still. This opened our eyes to each other's daily lives, which we then complemented with our own reflections.

How was the illustration used:
We created these series of illustrations to explore a new style on which we can work together

How did you make this work:
Its a mix of analogue and digital painting techniques, combined with small pieces of handwriting.

Social Media:
instagram.com/Instagram.com/effi.vava & Instagram.com/luisa.stoemer

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Academy of Fine Arts, Leipzig & HAW Hamburg
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Luisa and Eva are illustrators and friends. They live in Hamburg and Berlin and often collaborate. They have found a way over distance to work together on the same illustration with different techniques. One starts and the other adds, discards, refines or completes. This is how multi-layered, mixedmedia illustrations are created. They are currently working on their second publication